Everyone is well aware of how hard it is at the moment to get a good return on your precious savings. Putting it in the bank, with declining interest rates really isn’t the great option it used to be. Why not consider putting it into property, now is a great time to buy especially if you have cash, by investing wisely in property you will achieve a much higher return than you could hope to achieve in a bank whilst at the same protecting your capital. Most importantly, we understand that by choosing us to help you through this process, you are placing your trust in us and we in turn will do our utmost not to let you down.¬†As a small company don’t simply treat this as a 9 to 5 job. When we work with an investor we view it as a partnership all the way through to completion. If you have a problem and need an answer we will help you even outside office hours.


Why should you choose Howell & Wall to help you with this process,

  • We have a large portfolio of properties and investors, not just in Warrington but across the North West. This means that not only have an in depth knowledge of Warrington, but also many other prime letting areas such as St Helens, Leigh, and surrounding towns.
  • Because we already have many investors who have worked with us over the years, we have the ability to manage the whole process from start to finish.

Let me explain in a little more detail the steps in the process and how we can help.


Finding a Property


The first and most important step give us a call and arrange a time to come in for a chat. We can then find out exactly what you are looking for , how much you want to invest and what outcome you want. We will then talk through the options with you and if you happy commence our search for your ideal property. As we said previously, because of our presence right across the area and close contacts within the industry we are ideally placed to be able to pick up a property to meet your needs. When we find a property we will view it with you, and take you through what needs to be done to prepare it for letting. This is a very important stage as it is easy to spend money on any property without significantly enhancing its let-ability. Due to years of experience we understand what lets properties and how to get the maximum return for your investment. We will then draw you up an approximate costing and make sure you are happy with what you will get and what the options are.


Purchasing and Financing the Property


Assuming that you are happy with the property we have found for you we will go ahead and negotiate its purchase with you. If necessary we can deal with the estate agents or even bid on your behalf at auctions. Then if necessary put you in touch our local solicitors and financial advisors who can help you with financing and conveyancing the purchase.


Refurbishment / Preparation for Letting


We now need to get the property ready to let as soon as possible and start earning you some money. Depending on the condition of the property and your own skill set governs how we go about this. Ultimately we will be guided by you, you can be as involved as you wish, but it is important to understand that the sooner we get the property to market the sooner you start earning an income. We have access to teams of tradesmen all very experienced in working to tight deadlines and budgetary constraints.


Letting Your Property


Since we have been working with you throughout this process it is now highly likely that we will already have a list of potential tenants waiting to view your newly renovated property as will already have a board in place and have been on Rightmove, Zoopla etc for a couple of weeks prior to finishing. Indeed it is not unusual to have done some viewings prior to completion and have someone ready to move in.


Managing Your Property


Having let your property we will then continue to manage it, thereby protecting your valuable investment.