Selling Q&A

Why do estate agents have a bad reputation?

The main reason for this is the lack of communication when people have instructed their agent, people tend to think that once they have put it on the market with them that their agent forgets about them. There are some more unscrupulous agents that will come out and either over value your house to get the instruction or undervalue it to get a quick sale. At Howell and Wall we want to make sure we get you the best price possible within the timescales you require and we will give you all viewing feedback with 24hours. You will also be given a personal log in so you can check the progression of your house and see al the viewing feedback 24/7.


Can anyone be an estate agent?

The reality the simple answer is yes and in the current market you will find that many agents agency have inexperienced staff. You will also find with the larger agents that there is a high turn over of staff which means you lose continuity something we think is very important. With over 30 years experience between us we pride ourselves on being able to deal with any situation taking the stress away from yourselves.


When can you come and see me?

When are you available? We’re your agent and work for you, we appreciate you have a busy lives, children and jobs and want to accommodate you the best we can. We all live locally and will do our best to work around you.


Is there anything I need to do to sell my house?

Clean clean clean! People can accept that sometimes properties require varying degrees of work or the owners have differing needs regarding contents and also different tastes in décor. From our initial visit we can advise you on anything we feel you need to do to maximize your selling potential. By law now you are required to have an Energy Performance Certificate before your property can be marketed by ourselves. We can organize this and it carries a small fee of £75.00.


What are the fee’s for selling?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions and it varys from agent to agent. We work on a no sale no fee basis so should your circumstances change there is no cost incurred. There are slightly different packages and a degree of services we offer which will all be explained on your Market Appraisal appointment.


Will you contact me after I have put the house on the market?

If you have had previous experience with estate agents or have heard stories from friends about them a lot of people will say their agent never contacted them and they had to always ring for updates. At Howell & Wall we feel communication is of paramount importance and we will call you on a weekly basis to update you on the activity levels ie telephone enquiries, internet hits, brochures taken etc. We also offer each client an exclusive log in which no other agent does so no matter what time of day you can see the interest your property is getting.


When do you do viewings?

From experience we feel accompanied viewings generate the most accurate feedback and put the buyers at most ease so we like to do them for you alleviating some of the stress


Why Should I choose a local Agent?

It is important to ensure your potential buyers get the best background knowledge on the area and your property to gain their interest and importantly secure a viewing. Although the majority of people use the internet to find a property a lot still do like to upsize or downsize locally and find popping into an office more appealing.


How do I choose a solicitor?

It is important you choose a solicitor that you can trust and that you can sit down and talk to them should you need their advice. They will be your legal representative and you are relying on them to give you the correct and best advice for buying and selling your biggest asset.

We work along several local solicitors who we would be happy to recommend to you that go the extra mile and echo our commitment to Customer Service.


Who do you have looking to buy my house? 

We always do our best to register people looking to view your property to the best of our ability. We will also financially qualify all offers to make sure that they are in a position to proceed and can afford the purchase price of your house.



How long does it take to sell my house?

This is a question we would love to be able to predict the answer to! Every property has its own selling features that will help determine the salability, we can however help control the process using both different marketing styles and price strategies to make sure, whatever your needs are, we get you the best possible price.